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Timber Framed Farm Buildings

Timber Framed Farm Buildings

Cotswold Woodcraft have much experience historically of building farm buildings, outbuildings, stables and stools. Combining this with offering a fencing service, and outbuilding maintenance propositions, Cotswold Woodcraft can help in many areas. We have also been known to help with potato picking on a specific farm we have worked on.

Our experience is also extended from building farm structures to high end listed building protocols; typically seen when converting large old farm buildings into domestic dwellings. These buildings are typically for farm workers, but on occasions, they have been used for holidays encouraging the younger generation by the introduction of farm life.

General Content

Commercial Services

B2B And Home Office Projects

We work directly B2B providing bespoke installations, upgrades and maintenance in professional, retail and hospitality providing unique displays, storage and experiences for staff and customers.

We are also seeing a sharp rise in home office installations. Let us create a work environment that helps to keep your home a home whilst giving you a focused space for your business or work activities.

Survey and Installation in Commercial Spaces

We will survey your space and discuss storage, display and material options building a plan for how the build and installation will be fulfilled.

Our installations include:

  • Till Points for POS
  • Kiosks and Booths
  • Display Shelving,
  • Display Counters
  • Retail furniture

Where possible the majority of the work will be undertaken at our workshops then installed and finished with the least possible inconvenience and disruption for your customers and staff.

Maintenance for Commercial and Business Installations

We provide ongoing maintenance and repair for existing and will happily quote new customers too. We quickly react to storage and display problems, sourcing parts for replacement where they are required and arranging service calls to suit your business.